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Regulate the Opening and Closing Forces of Your Electric Gate Frequently

The operating forces of electric gates – be it swing or slide type – need to be constantly regulated so that they don’t cause the doors to shut with greater speed than is intended. This can lead to unforeseen situations like banging of the doors on your vehicle while you are maneuvering through the entranceway. In order to avoid them, ask your maintenance service provider to keep the forces under the accepted limit(s).

Check the Wheels of Your Sliding Gate for Any Issues

The tiny wheels are what drives your sliding gate in and out of the track. As they are always under pressure (due to the heavy wrought iron doors that they hold), it is recommended that residential gate owners check the condition of the wheels frequently. Any sign of abrasion or scraping should be immediately dealt with as avoiding them might lead to bigger problems. Our technicians are available during working hours to solve all major and minor issues.